Adaptive Cooking Tools

Through a grant from DoSomething.Org, Accessible Chef was able to test out adaptive cooking tools. Many tools available from national chain, department, or specialty kitchen stores can be adapted for use by those with disabilities. Resources are divided into tools that make the physical aspects of...


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Resources Gallery

This is a comprehensive resource guide to terms used in this website, including grips and grasps, task analysis designations, weights and measures, fundamental kitchen equipment, shopping and time saving strategies, and basic cooking definitions. Grips and Grasps These grips and grasps, or prehension, are frequently...

Pre-Cooking Skills Video

This video features Holly Smith, a certified occupational therapist, giving helpful tips for teaching pre-cooking skills to people with disabilities.

Why Teach Cooking? Video

This video features Holly Smith, a certified occupational therapist, explaining why it is important to teach cooking skills to individuals with disabilities.

Creative Activities for Strengthening Pre-Cooking Skills

These activities can be used in the classroom to strengthen the skills required for cooking. Practicing cutting skills with plastic knives and working without heat are two ways to ensure that your students can complete recipes safely before advancing to using sharp blades and the stove or...


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Recipe Creator Tutorial

Learn how to use the new recipe creator to make and share your own visual recipes! Click here to download the recipe creator tutorial as a PDF file. Video Tutorial Creating a User Profile If you’d like to share your custom recipes on the Accessible...

Image Bank

Download images to create visual recipes using a program like PowerPoint, Photoshop or GIMP. PowerPoint recipe template (.ppt) Blank recipe templates (.jpg and .xcf) Food, tool, and action images (.png) If you don’t have experience with image and file manipulation, I recommend using the recipe...