I’m so grateful to those of you who have shared custom recipes made with the recipe creator – more than half of the recipes on Accessible Chef have been created by users like you!

Today, I’m sharing some best practices for submitting recipes using the recipe creator. These guidelines help to keep the visual recipe format consistent and allow me to share your recipes to the site more quickly!

1. Put a picture of the finished product in the large red box

Correct recipe format includes a photo of the finished product
Incorrect recipe format doesn’t include a photo of the finished product

2. Include the amount (cups, grams, boxes, number, etc.) of each ingredient in the blue ingredients section. Use enough detail for someone else to be able to follow your recipe.

Correct ingredients section includes enough information for someone else to follow the recipe.
Incorrect ingredients section doesn’t include information about how much of each ingredient is required.

3. Delete unused ingredients, tools, and step boxes.

Correct recipe format includes only boxes that are used for the recipe.
Incorrect recipe format includes blank boxes that should be deleted.

4. Place text inside the boxes – not below. If text doesn’t fit inside the box, swap it out for a larger box or split the direction into multiple boxes.

Correct recipe format places text inside of boxes.
Incorrect recipe format includes text outside of boxes.

5. Identify kitchen hazards, such as hot objects, sharp knives, or exposure to raw meat and eggs.

Examples of identifying hazards (raw eggs and boiling water)

6. Use the form below the recipe creator to submit recipes – this will allow me to review your recipes before sharing on the site.

The form below the recipe creator should be used if you’d like to share the recipe on the Accessible Chef site.

If you have any questions, check out the recipe creator tutorial and video tutorial.